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The role of the researcher using evidence

One of the major difference’s learners encounter at the doctoral level is the expectation to formulate, discuss, and write about research with minimal dependence on faculty. In the beginning, this can appear to be a daunting task. However, over time learners develop...

Adjusting to doctoral expectations

Successful doctoral learners develop a doctoral identity when they internalize the qualities and behaviors of the professional writer, scholar, and researcher. How are you adjusting to doctoral expectations, internalizing the role of the researcher, and developing a...

Philosophers’ views on an adult child’s duty to parents.

            Chapter 11 explains two philosophers’ views on an adult child’s duty to parents. Lin Yutang, a Chinese philosopher says that children owe a never-ending debt of gratitude to their children, while Jane English, an American philosopher, says that...

Wisdom based on Socrates’ writings.

Explain wisdom based on Socrates’ writings. What is wisdom as Socrates formulates the concept, and how does one obtain it? What is the relationship between wisdom and critical thought? Why or why not?

Nursing philosophy and experiences

How do you think your own nursing philosophy and experiences will continue to evolve and refine through this program and your future in nursing?


Name and describe 5 different Renaissance instruments of the period that later became a modern day instrument you would see today . Describe how their sound was produced and what they were made of, how they were used and the purpose they served, and provide a small...
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