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Are you late for a submission, or time is drawing near, but you still got a lot of stuff on your plate? Get that assignment off your chest, and let the experts handle it perfectly.

Why we’re the Best writing service provider on Reddit

As a true Assignment Writing Knight, Quality is our sword, integrity our armor, and timeliness our shield. 

We understand the demanding and unique nature of this industry; the urgency that it sometimes demands, the invariability in each assignment set, accompanied by the specific demands of each client. We apply the qualities of a true Knight to offer our clients the best there is. 

If we can’t, we make a full refund. That’s our guarantee. 

Assignment Writing

We Offer assignment writing help in all subjects, courses, and topics. We deliver even within the shortest deadline of 3 hours. 

Coursework Writing

You have some take-home assignment, coursework to solve? A math or physics problem maybe? We got experts for those too. Simply submit your instructions and wait for your complete coursework.

Nursing papers

We offer specialized writing services for nursing students, from nurse assistant to PhD. We have approved nursing writers that will take even an entire course for you.

Essay Writing Service

Essays are some of the most daunting papers to write, what with their strict guidelines, thesis development and all. But to us, it’s a piece of cake, literally. We make this seemingly difficult undertaking so easy for you. 

Dissertation Writing

At the end of your year of study, you’ll need to submit this giant of a paper to your school for the award of a degree. 9 out of 10 students confess this is the most difficult part of their degree program. Well, we have mastered the art of writing dissertations, proposals, theses. You don’t even have to have a topic first. How cool is that, huh? 

Research Paper writing

You want to write a term paper, or a research paper for your course, or even for publishing?  Entrust us with this task, and see your dream come true. 

Step 1

Submit order instructions:

Click on the Order now Button and submit all your task instructions. The form has been customized for your convenience, so ensure that each field is filled. Above all, ensure that any file provided by your tutor is uploaded to us, since they’re the most important. If you have preferred sources you want us to use, be sure to specify this, or attach them too.

Step 2

Proceed With Payment:

Once you submit your instructions, you shall be directed to the payment page, where you shall be prompted to make payment. Input your card details, or login to your PayPal (if you have one) to authorize the payment. Rest assured that your details are safe as the payment page is heavily encrypted. Do Not share your card details with anyone, including our support team. 

Step 3

Get an Expert Writer:

Once you have made your payment, an order is availed for bidding by the most relevant experts. We shall take a few minutes to select the best from the bidders, who shall work on your task and deliver. 

Step 4

Order Delivery and Download:

Your order shall be uploaded to your account (on this website), and an email notification sent to you with instructions on how to access your file. Simply log in to your account, open your order, and maneuver to the files section, then download the finished file. In case you need a revision, feel free to click on “Request Revision” button. 

Thank you for entrusting us with you paper

We do not treat lightly the huge trust you have bestowed on us. We shall whatever is in our power to honor it, and get a referral from you!


Zero-Plagiarism Work

We have zero-tolerance policy on Plagiarism. We totally do not condone this. But wait, we do not expect you to take our word for it. Insist on a plagiarism report to be attached together with your finished work.

Time-bound Delivery

We know there’s no good an excellent paper that’s late can do, so, we do what a true Knight would: Be punctual and timely. In case there’s an extenuating circumstance for lateness, you shall surely know about it in advance. 

24/7 Customer Support

Our friendly support team are here to help you with any inquiries, order placement, quote, revisions, complaints, etc, at any time of the day or night, all week long. Contact us via the livechat button on our website, or WhatsApp, email, order system messaging, app, or call. 

Ph.D. Certified Writers

We got the highest grade of writers, including Ph.D tutors. You simply have to choose which category of writer you need, because you don’t wanna get into trouble for submitting a paper that’s higher than your standard, right?

What Our Clients are Saying

We have stellar reviews in various Review platforms. Check out our Truspilot Review Page here

Chapinknight: The Assignment Writing Service you can Trust !

With several reviews from Reddit, we’re tried and trusted. Our business is mainly built on the foundation of trust, which in turn gives us referrals. Since we so much depend on referrals, we have to up our game and work round the clock to satisfy every client that places an order with us. 

Rest assured that your investment is safe with us.

How do Redditors come to trust us?

Reddit, being the face of the internet, has very strict rules and its users are sworn conservatives who are serious about their privacy and space:). Getting this niche to trust your service is not an easy task, but we made it happen! How did we achieve this?  

We Have Years of Experience.

We’ve been in thus industry for over 10 years (Check our cake day), and this puts as above most of our competitors. We use this rich experience to give our clients the best.

Every game has it’s own rules, and it takes time to master them. We have learnt through mistakes, have been forged by fire and brimstone, and we’re as sharp and sturdy as a Knight’s sword, ready to ace your grades! 

Client Satisfaction is Our Top Priority !

Our interest goes beyond money: we focus on making our clients happy and satisfied, then collecting a little reward for it.



We Keep It All Confidential

Your personal details, order instructions, and completed papers are completely safe with us. We do not share your information with any third party, not even writers. As such, you can even trust us with your logins.


Money-back Guarantee

In case we are not able to deliver your task, or we do not achieve a passing mark, we offer a full refund. You can always choose to keep the money with us as a credit for a future task, but should you prefer a refund, we honor our word. This is the key to a long-lasting trust. 


We Offer Quality and Pocket-Friendly Service

Our prices aren’t exaggerated: We understand that most of our clients are students who are simply trying to make ends meet. But we do not compromise on quality because our prices are affordable, not at all. 


Ready to Score Higher Grades?

Our customer support team is here to answer your questions. Ask us anything!