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Toddler Brain Research

To create an informational pamphlet for parents about good parenting based on current brain research and to evaluate your pamphlet.Scenario:You are a teacher in a kindergarten class in a school known for having very involved parents. Lately, several parents have asked...

Weapons proliferation around the world. U.S

Discuss weapons proliferation around the world. U.S., Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, etc. What are the threats and issues of weapons proliferation as we move into the future? What country is the biggest threat? What are the challenges in limiting the weapons caches...

The medial forebrain bundle

What is the medial forebrain bundle? Discuss the evidence for and against its involvement in reward.In addition, review the evidence showing that the brain’s dopamine pathways are critically involved in pleasure and reward  

The influence of multiple genes on behavior

  Discuss some of the methodological approaches that can be used to examine the influence of multiple genes on behavior. Then discuss what transgenic animals are and how they are produced.
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