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Components of the Criminal Justice system

What are the main components of the Criminal Justice system? How are these components interrelated? How might these components conflict? Based off of your answers in questions 1-3; describe the steps of the criminal justice process and the role that each component...

A criminal justice related research question

Think of a criminal justice related research question that you might be interested in potentially testing. Using the textbook as a guide, translate your question into both a null and a research hypothesis.

Developing your racial justice literacy

    ①.As part of developing your racial justice literacy through this course, it is important to take inventory of what you know and how you learned it. Reflecting on your existing ideas and attitudes on race and racism along with the sources of your information...

Most pressing issues in criminal justice today

  What do you see as one of the most pressing issues in criminal justice today that highlights the need for ethical behavior? What changes can we implement to make your selected issue less of a concern?  
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