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How It Works

Understand What your Order shall go through to be Delivered to you, broken down into 4 simple steps.

Step 1

Submit order instructions:

Click on the Order now Button and submit all your task instructions. The form has been customized for your convenience, so ensure that each field is filled. Above all, ensure that any file provided by your tutor is uploaded to us, since they’re the most important. If you have preferred sources you want us to use, be sure to specify this, or attach them too.

Step 2

Proceed With Payment

Once you submit your instructions, you shall be directed to the payment page, where you shall be prompted to make payment. Input your card details, or login to your PayPal (if you have one) to authorize the payment. Rest assured that your details are safe as the payment page is heavily encrypted. Do Not share your card details with anyone, including our support team. 

Step 3

Get an Expert Writer

Once you have made your payment, an order is availed for bidding by the most relevant experts. We shall take a few minutes to select the best from the bidders, who shall work on your task and deliver. 

Step 4

Order Delivery and Download:

Your order shall be uploaded to your account (on this website), and an email notification sent to you with instructions on how to access your file. Simply log in to your account, open your order, and maneuver to the files section, then download the finished file. In case you need a revision, feel free to click on “Request Revision” button.

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