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Solar panels fit in physic

How does solar panels fit in physic OR relativity and it application for GPS.Things that must include the the paperWhat does it do?How it correlate to physic ?What calculations do you need to apply from physics?Outline for “Schrӧdinger’s Cat” (example to make sure you...

Full of hydrocarbons

Gas-filled porosity is generally considered to be full of hydrocarbons when performing core analysis based on observations from testing on conventional rocks. Is this correct to assume in unconventional rocks? Why or why not?

A good landing zone

Name the three main (there are more than 3 but list whatever you feel is most important) components that make a good landing zone.Elaborate on each and explain why they matter when identifying a horizontal well target.

Well logs

• Why is it important to understand the hole quality when reviewing well logs?• What about the density/neutron tool causes it to be affected by poor hole conditions? Think about the configuration of the actual physical tool

Extraction techniques used to remove fluids

What are the two main extraction techniques used to remove fluids for core analysis and how do they differ? These are the two main methods in the MRP workflow developed by the WDVG lab.
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