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Philosophy of Nursing Scholarly

Consider the following prompts or questions to help guide the content of your paper as you articulate your own philosophy of nursing.What are the key values and beliefs that are embedded in your philosophy of nursing?Describe the philosophy of practice in your work...

Philosophical problem of induction

Inductive reasoning leads to the philosophical problem of induction, and conclusions you draw every day are inductive. Reflect on the possibility that theseconclusions could turn out to be wrong (false). Explain how you can improve your critical thinking by being...

A movie that illustrates one or more philosophical themes

For this assignment, you will choose a movie that illustrates one or more philosophical themes, and write a 1200 word essay that identifies and discusses them. They may be metaphysical, cosmological, religious, ethical, or social themes or a combination of them, and...


Discuss how the events of the epic change of Gilgamesh. Think about where he starts, what he faces, and how things end for him.
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