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The mother had an addiction to opioids

You are called to a postpartum room and find Michael, a two-hour-old infant, irritable and spitting up copious amounts of formula. You do not know the maternal history, so you advise the mother that you would like to return the baby to the nursery for assessment and...

Reflective exercise on leadership

  Case Study: As the APRN, you are the leader on a quality improvement project team for your practice setting. The members of your team are in serious conflict. They have split into two camps. The last team meeting was a disaster with four members of the team sitting...

Plan of Care (POC)

  Write 3-4 paragraphs, including a detailed Plan of Care (POC) in your answer. One line bullet points are NOT acceptable. Respond to her like she is sitting in front of you. What will you say to her? Example: Mrs. Kamara thank you for being here today and for...

Trauma Informed Care

  Using ALL six core principles of trauma-informed care, discuss how you could advocate for the population listed.      
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