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Natural and man-made disasters

As we consider the impact and occurrence of both, natural and man-made disasters, which do you feel is most common and why? Additionally, which of the two do you feel is most challenging with regards to preparation?

Demolishing Cabrini Green as a poverty reduction strategy.

In dismantling the Cabrini Green public housing complex, Chicago sought to disrupt a “culture of poverty” and introduce residents to a “middle-class way of life.” Explain two problems with (or unintended consequences of) demolishing Cabrini Green as a poverty...

Environmental degradation

Many forms of environmental degradation are caused by entities and factors beyond our individual control. Some, however, are factors we each can influence, and can do so nearly every day of our lives. Think about what you have learned during this week about solid and...

The roles played by objects in our environment

We normally think of injuries as caused by uncontrollable, chance events. Did you? Since taking this class, have you changed your way of thinking about the preventability of unintentional injuries? In your initial post, discuss how your awareness of the roles played...

Global climate change

Why are so many people skeptical about global climate change? Why are so many people reluctant to listen to public health advice? How do we get information to people in order to change their behavior or to get them to support laws that protect public health?
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