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The Hedgehog Concept

            Using the Hedgehog Concept, Collins argued that leaders are hedgehogs, not foxes. Foxes are good at many things. Hedgehogs are good at 1 big thing and are able to distill everything down to 1 simple workable idea. Accordingly, to be a great company, the...

Sexual Assault Court Case

  Research a sexual assault case that was successfully investigated and prosecuted. What investigative factors lead to the successful prosecution of the perpetrator(s)?

Entertainment Center Design

    Designs over the years have changed considerably. Just look at televisions in the last decade. They used to be as big as a piece of furniture, and now you can hang them on the wall like a piece of art! For this discussion think about entertainment centers. How...

Case Study: A Young Caucasian Girl with ADHD.

    You will be asked to make three decisions concerning the medication to prescribe to this patient. Be sure to consider factors that might impact the patient’s pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic processes. At each decision point, you should evaluate all options...
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